Bourne Hall is available for private weddings and events and also to the community for use by local businesses, educational, governmental agencies, community clubs and non-profit organizations. A variety of pricing structures from exclusive use of the hall, grounds and kitchen to individual breakout rooms starting at 3-hour increments can help make your event fit into any budget. Our professional staff will be happy to help you plan your event within your price range.

To rent the entire Bourne Hall Facility (in any configuration) and surrounding grounds:

• Up to 3 Hours: $900
• Up to 6 Hours: $1,500
• UP to 8 Hours: $2,500
• Additional Hours: $250 per hour
*REQUIRED: Damage/Cleaning Deposit: $800

Wedding Ceremony packages are in addition to Bourne Hall rental fees. We offer a discount for combined wedding ceremony and Bourne Hall rental packages. Please contact Rev. Pat McCaughan for more information regarding wedding ceremony preparation. 

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To rent breakout rooms (not the entire hall)

To rent ONE break out room only:
• Up to 3 Hours: $300
• Up to 6 Hours: $500
• Up to 8 Hours: $650
• Additional Hours: $30 per hour
*REQUIRED: Damage/Cleaning Deposit: $200

To add additional break out rooms:
• Up to 3 Hours: $120 each
• Up to 6 Hours: $160 each
• Up to 8 Hours: $200 each
• Additional Hours: $25 per hour
*REQUIRED: Damage/Cleaning Deposit: $200 each

*The damage deposit is refundable within 30 calendar days after the date of rental if the facility did not sustain any damage as a result of rental use. If damage of the facilities and/or equipment is incurred, repairs will be made and the balance of the deposit, if any, will be refunded along with a statement explaining the damages and cost of repairs. If damage exceeds the damage deposit, the lessee will be responsible for all damages.

Additional Fees:

A Security Guard is required for all events serving alcohol. One to two guards are required depending on the size of event and crowd. The rate is $25 per hour and is paid in addition to facility fees and the security company is set up by St. George's Meeting Planners.

Rental fees include the use of the room and set up of all chairs and/or tables. Rental fees do not include the rental of linens, table settings or catering costs.

Deposits and Cancellation:

A deposit of 50% of the rental fee is required to book the event on the Bourne Hall and St. George's Episcopal Church calendar. The balance of the rental fee is due two (2) weeks before the event. 

Cancellation may be made up to sixty (60) days in advance of the event.  Cancellations of less than sixty (60) days in advance of the event will forfeit the return of the deposit. Cancellations of less than two (2) weeks of the event will result in the forfeiture of all deposits and the balance of the rental fee.